Everything You Would Like to Know About Asklens

Great that you want to find out more about Asklens.

Our drive

At Asklens we are interested in all things photography. We like geeking out over the latest photography gear. But first and foremost, we love awesome photographs.

Even though we will talk a lot about gear, we will always do this with the end result in mind. At Asklens you will not find any studio scenes or 100% crops of brick walls.  Instead what you will find is a showcase of beautiful pictures, taken by people from all around the world.

Our mission

The goal of this website is to help you decide what camera or lens to buy. We aim to show you the ins and outs of different camera’s and lenses.  We will guide you with tips, descriptions and lots of great photographs. The focus will be on lenses, hence our name. But hey, you will need a camera as well. What we would like you to get in the end is what gear can be used for what shots, and how to make awesome pictures yourself.