The 11 Most Stunning Canon 10-18mm Sample Images

Shot with Canon 10-18mm

We are a big fan of the Canon 10-18mm wide angle lens. Given its price of $279 this lens is incredible value for money. We learned this in our comparison with the 10-22mm. For this post we collected a set of images that are all shot with the Canon 10-18mm lens, just to show you what it is capable of. We hope you enjoy this collection of Canon 10-18mm sample images.

Canon 10-18mm Sample Images

In general it is not too easy to find good sample images for a lens that is somewhat cheaper. This might lead you to the impression that expensive lenses produce better pictures. But actually there is another effect at play here.

And that is simply that professional photographers tend to have more expensive gear. Therefore the most amazing shots tends to be more limited for a cheaper lens like this. But in this case the 10-18mm definitely can compare to its more expensive peers. We hope you enjoy the images below.

New Jersey City by Tone Rivera on

Fall & Foliage by Pravin Dwiwedi on

Hôtel de Région by Benjamin MOUROT on

Manarola in Liguria by Benjamin MOUROT on

Sunrise Mirror by Luís Lopes on

Via Traversagna by Benjamin MOUROT on

Port Pin by Benjamin MOUROT on

Walking in a Spiral by Tor Arne Hotvedt on

Ždiar by Marek Kopnický on

Majestic by Luís Lopes on

The Canon 10-18MM

You can learn more about the Canon 10-18mm in our earlier post on this awesome lens. The Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM is available for $279. We cannot recommend it enough. What do you think of this lens? Let us know in the comments below!

All images in this post are curated, and have been shot with the Canon 10-18mm lens. All credits go to the original photographers.

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