Photographer Spotlight: Chris van Dolleweerd

the outsider III by Chris van Dolleweerd

Once in a while we would like to introduce you to a cool photographer we found online. We think that seeing works by others, and learning more about their backgrounds can be a great inspiration for each one of you. Meet Chris van Dolleweerd, and his cool conceptual photography.

Chris is 41 years old, and lives in a town called Oss, in the Netherlands. He is a freelance carpenter and gets a lot satisfaction creating something by hand. This is something that can also be clearly seen in his pictures. Some of these require a lot of preparation and creative work to set up the scene in the studio.

new life by Chris van Dolleweerdnew life

Chris: For me, photography started when I bought my first disposable camera. This was still in the analogue period. I always had one in my pocket and I guess it all started from there. When my interest grew, I bought a second hand analogue Canon with three lenses, and used that for about a year. But by then I got tired of the analogue workflow, of having to wait before I could see the results. Then about 10 years later my wife bought me a Canon 450D for my birthday. This was in 2008. Then I just started shooting and I never stopped since.

dripping pepper by Chris van Dolleweerddripping pepper

I spend a lot of time on photography. I look at photo’s every day. I use Flickr, 500px and 1X, and I check out these sites each day. I try to shoot at least once a week or more If I have the inspiration.

I never took a class or a course on photography. I guess I learned from shooting, posting to Flickr and then looking at the reactions. It was definitely a course of trial and error in the first years. I also learned a lot from doing two projects. First I did a 50mm project, which means 50 shots taken with a 50mm lens. Next I did a liquid project in which I took 50 shots all with some sort of liquid in there. By doing those projects i started creating a own style.

soup of the day by Chris van Dolleweerdsoup of the day


An important motto for me is ‘less is more’. The kind of photography that I enjoy the most is photography that is a bit ‘different’.  My photography starts from an idea, and I love taking that idea and turning it in a photo. The photography I enjoy the most is studio photography with a twist. My postprocessing is very simple. Instead I try to take my shots in such a way that I don’t have to do a lot of postprocessing.

My favorite shot is the one called ‘one love’. This is an architecture shot with a human element. The photograph was taken on a Sunday morning when the car park was completely empty. The shot turned out exactly as I envisioned it in my mind.

one love by Chris van Dolleweerdone love

My goal is to keep creating new cool stuff, and see where this will take me.
When I started photography it was just for fun and that is still the reason I do it. That my images are now used all over the world only adds to the fun.


I shoot with a Canon EOS 7D, most of the time with my favorite Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens attached. I also have a Canon 70-200mm f/4L and a 17-40mm f/4L wide angle lens.  But I use the 50mm prime lens the most. Its tack sharp and everyone should have one!

weevil by Chris van Dolleweerdweevil

For macro photography I have the Sigma 105mm macro lens, but I am planning to replace that for the Canon 100mm f/2.8L version because its just better. And then there is also a 300mm prime lens from Canon that is collecting dust somewhere in my photobag.

Then I also got a Fujifilm x100s, a fine little camera that I take with me everywhere I go.  On my wishlist is the Canon 6D to replace the 7D I currently use.

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To be honest, it was not easy for us to make a selection of photographs for this post, since there was a lot to choose from. Part is the more abstract studio work, often featuring clean patterns and bright colors. But next to that Chris also ventures in other fields such as macro photography. Check out more of Chris’s work on his own website, or start following him on Flickr or 500px if you don’t already!

heads up by Chris van Dolleweerdheads up

Photographer spotlight:

This is the first post in what is going to be a recurring series. ‘Photographer Spotlight’ will be a series in which we discover awesome photographers online, most likely on Flickr or 500px, and let them tell more about their background and their work. Do you think your work has the quality to be featured, or do you want to suggest somebody else for a next edition? Don’t hestitate to contact us.

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