Canon G7X mark II Roundup Post with New Samples

Canon G7X mark II Product Shot

Over the last weeks we have written quite a lot about the Canon G7X mark II. We got our hands on one, and shared our experiences in a detailed review. The 9th of June is the day the camera finally starts shipping in the US after some initial delays. Yes, that is right, the G7X mark II hits the streets. Therefore, today is the perfect day to revisit and summarize everything we wrote about the Powershot G7X mark II.  For those of you that already learned all there is to know about this awesome little camera, I have included some fresh sample images.

Our posts about the Canon G7X mark II

As a quick recap, let’s start with all articles we posted on the Canon G7X mark II until now.

Canon G7X mark II sample image Image shot with the Canon G7X mark II

Sony RX100 IV vs Canon G7X II vs Nikon DL24-85 25 Improvements of the Updated Canon G7X mark II Canon G7X mark II User Manual Canon G7X Mark II Review: Our New Favorite Compact Canon G7X mark II Sample Images: Trip to Chicago

Our interest started with a comparison between this camera and its peers, the Sony RX100 mark IV and the upcoming Nikon DL24-85. Each camera has its own strong points, but the Canon falls in a sweet spot for the professional photographers. Next we compared the mark II with its predecessor which proved to be a popular article.

If you really want to learn more about the Canon G7X mark II I suggest that you read our review. In this article we go in-depth on all aspects of the camera and give you all the details and insights. In addition we also published another collection of sample images, and a digital version of the user manual.

Canon G7X mark II sample image 2Image shot with the Canon G7X mark II

Canon G7X mark II Lightroom support

And there is more good news. Yesterday Adobe came out with a Lightroom update, that now fully supports the G7X mark II. That came just in time to have a look at some challenging RAW-files. Since the Canon G7X mark II most likely has a Sony sensor, we expect it to do well with regards to dynamic range. The original G7X also did a good job there.

Below you will find two images that are purposefully underexposed in order to retain the highlight information. For both of these images Lightroom is used to generate an image that contains both the shadow and highlight parts. It suffices to say that we are impressed. It’s like the sensor can see in the dark. Of course, the more stops you push the image, the more noise will appear, but I feel comfortable in pushing the shadows at least three or four stops.

Canon G7X mark II Lightroom test

Canon G7X mark II Lightroom test 2

Canon G7X mark II Lightroom test 3

Canon G7X mark II Lightroom test 4

Final words

I am still really happy with the Canon G7X mark II, and I highly recommend it to everybody. If you are in the market for a compact camera, with good manual controls, see for yourself in our articles and sample images if you like the G7X mark II.

After some initial delays, the camera is available in the US starting the 9th of June. You can buy the Canon on Amazon for $699. Given that part of the delay was most likely due to earthquakes in Japan, let’s hope there is enough stock for the coming months.

Buy the Canon G7X mark II on Amazon

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    people can´t judge anything from the tiny pictures you posted.

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    so it´s pretty useless.

    i can post images from my 2006 casio P&S and they would look pretty good at that size.