These Russian Metro Stations Are Simply Awesome

Novoslobodskaya Metro Station

Sometimes treasures are found beneath the surface, hidden from the eye. This is definitely the case for the metro in Russia. Each station has its unique style and looks nothing like the standard metro stations found everywhere in the States and Europe. These Russian metro stations from both Moscow and st. Petersburg are just stunning.

In fact, I found even more metro stations than the ones below which looked just as spectacular. Both in a more classical or a more modern style.  Browse around here, for all Moscow metro stations, and here for stations in st. Petersburg. Highly recommended.

Many of these metro stations have a very classical style. The first ones were built up unitl the mid-Fifties. These were meant as luxurious “palaces for the people”. This was done with ideological motives to praise the Soviet state. After 1955 the times changed. The Communist Party declared that extravagance in design and construction were no longer allowed.

The series of photographs shown here is shot by David Burdeny. He got access to several of the stations after opening hours, to be able to shoot these metro stations while they were completely desolate. This definitely amplifies the atmosphere inside.

All images below are shot by David Burdeny.

15 Russian metro stations

Taganskaya Metro StationTaganskaya, Moscow

Elektrozavodskaya StationElektrozavodskaya, Moscow

Prospekt Mira StationProspekt Mira, Moscow

Sportivnaya StationSportivnaya, St Petersburg

Arbatskaya Metro Station, Moscow, Russia, 2015Arbatskaya, Moscow

Novoslobodskaya Metro StationNovoslobodskaya, Moscow

Mayakovskaya StationMayakovskaya, Moscow

Kiyevsskaya StationKiyevsskaya, Moscow

Kropotkinskaya StationKropotkinskaya, Moscow

Novoslobodskaya Metro StationNovoslobodskaya, Moscow

Avtovo Metro StationAvtovo, Moscow

Belorusskaya StationBelorusskaya, Moscow

Sokol Metro StationSokol, Moscow

Komsomolskaya Metro StationKomsomolskaya, Moscow

Aeroport Metro StationAeroport, Moscow

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