25 Improvements of the Updated Canon G7X mark II

Canon G7X mark II

A couple of weeks ago the Canon G7X mark II has been officially announced. The camera will become available late may/early june this year. Its predecessor was already a great camera in a small package. So, what has actually improved in this new model? We give you the most detailed update report from the net.

1. Screen articulation

Articulating screen of the Canon G7X mark II

Whereas the screen on the G7X could tilt 180 degrees upward, the screen on the mark II can also tilt 45 degrees down. Very useful when you need to, for instance, make a shot over the heads of other people.

2. First Canon with the DIGIC7 Chip

This is canon’s first camera which uses their new digic7 chip. For sure, this plays a role in the already mentioned burst speeds. But canon also promises this will contribute to sharper images, and less noise, due to more modern processing capabilities.

3. Burst speed

Burst speed of the Canon G7X mark II

Here we have one of the more important differences. The first generation of the Canon G7X had some limitations on the burst speed, especially in RAW mode. Here, it could only achieve 1.2 FPS as opposed to 6.5 FPS in JPEG only mode. The upcoming generation has improved a lot, and can reach burst speeds up until 8 FPS, both for JPEG and RAW. Shooting RAW with continous autofocus happens at a more impressive 5.4 FPS.

4. Dual function control dial

Dual mode control dial on the G7X II

An awesome feature of the mark II is that you are now able to switch the lens ring between a clicking action and smooth rotation. This is the best of both worlds, where the clicks can be useful for setting exposure parameters but the smooth dial mode enables easy manual focusing.

5. ISO expandable to 25,600

The last generation went up to ISO 12,800. Now with the G7X mark 2 the ISO can be cranked up one notch further, up to 25,600. This is probably thanks to the new DIGIC7 chip as well.

Update: This was listed on the Canon USA website, but now that I have the camera, this seems not to be correct. At least my camera cannot be set at 25,600.

6. Better manual focus

Manual focus zoom

The original model had a maximum magnification of 4x during manual focusing. That was not really enough to assess the sharpness. The mark II has the ability to zoom in either 5 or 10 times, making manual focus more easy. Together with the smooth dial setting we hope this will have improved the manual focussing handling over its predecessor, because that one required a lot of dial spinning. We have a good feeling about this, but it still too early to find definitive information.

7. Automatic ND filter

Auto ND filterThe Canon G7X II will feature an automatic ND filter. This enables you to shoot wide open in bright sunlight, without thinking. Despite the maximum shutter speed of 1/2000s.

8. Revised exposure compensation dial

In the original G7X many users complained that the exposure compensation dial was operating in the wrong direction. Canon listened to their feedback, and actually reversed the direction of the dial. Next to that the dial is also made slightly wider so that it is easier to reach.

9. Improved grip

Canon G7X mkII grip

Both at the front and the rear of the camera, Canon improved the grip over its predecessor. We are curious how this will have impacted the ergonomics. The new model definitely looks a lot easier to hold.  Also, the movie button and MENU button which are most easily contacted with the thumb and palm of the hand have been flattened.

10. The G7X II shoots 14-bit RAW files

The new camera will shoot 14-bit RAW files, which is an improvement over the 12-bit files of the previous model. In theory this allows for more depth in exposure en colors of the RAW file.

11. New timelapse mode

G7X II timelapse mode

Something that was missing in the original Canon Powershot G7X was a timelapse mode. This has been added to the upcoming model. The settings feature different shooting intervals between 1 and 30 seconds.

12. New bulb mode

The mark II has a bulb mode that will go up to 256s. Whether or not this is an improvement is disputable. The old model also went up to 250s, but did not have a bulb mode. These high shutter speeds could actually be set manually upfront, which might appeal more to some users.

13. Improved battery life

The claimed CIPA battery life for the Canon G7X mark II is 265 shots, which is an improvement over the 210 shots of its predecessor. Nevertheless, battery life will probably be one of its weak points.

14. In-camera RAW processing

In-camera RAW editing

The mark II will gain in-camera RAW processing. This is perfect if you want to edit some of your RAW images while traveling, share them over WiFi to your smartphone, and put them on social media right away. The ability to select and process multiple images in a batch is also unique to the compact digital camera. This is useful for when you want to continue processing multiple images with the same settings.

15. Improved autofocus speed

Canon claims an improved autofocs speed from 0.14s to 0.12s. Not the biggest difference in the world, but all the extra speed here is a good thing.

16. USB charging

This is another nice feature of the G7X mkII, which is easily overlooked. It will now be possible to charge the battery with an USB cable, instead of having to resort to the dedicated external battery charger.

17. Auto Lighting Optimizer

Auto lighting optimizerThe second generation of the G7X will feature something called auto lighting optimizer. What this will do is compress more dynamic range in your photo, for instance in case of strong backlit scenes.

18. Display lag shortened by 50%

The display lag is shortened by 50%, which should give a better experience when moving the camera around, or following a fast moving subject.

19. Faster response times

Canon now claims a start-up time of 1.2 seconds, and a shot to shot time of 0.4 seconds. According to Dpreviews test of the original G7X, the shot to shot delays were in the range of 1-2 seconds, so this seems to be a substantial improvement.

20. Panning mode

New panning feature

In the G7X mk2, Canon added a special panning mode. In this mode the user can select between different shutter speeds, and the IS will assist with a special panning mode, to end up with a sharp image.

21. Improved dual-sensing IS

The image stabilisation of the new Powershot is improved, due to the new DIGIC7 chip. The IS is now dual sensing, meaning that it combines information from both translational and rotational movements of the camera.

22. Less ISO noise

Less ISO noise

With this new chip, Canon also promises us several image quality improvements. One of these is the noise level at high ISO’s. See the example image for a difference with the previous model.

23. Better tracking

Improved tracking

Also due to this chip, the G7X mark II will have better tracking capabilities of moving subjects. This enables better shooting with continuous autofocus.

24. Better object detection

Next to tracking of moving subjects, the camera will also have improved object detection.  Especially of objects that have little contrast with their surroundings. By detecting these objects the camera ensures it will focus in the right spot. mainly when shooting in AUTO.

25. Diffraction correction

Diffraction correction

With the DIGIC7 the mark 2 will also have improved image quality at smaller apertures. The chip enables for correction of diffraction effects, using optical information from the camera itself.

Final words on the canon g7x mark II

You might wonder where all this stuff comes from. A lot of the lesser known specs and updates were found on the Japanese Canon website. Turns out that the specs there are a lot more detailed. Take a look for yourself, some Google Translate magic will do the trick.

Canon Powershot G7X II

As said, the camera will become available late may/early june this year. Pre-order now on Amazon for $699.

Buy the Canon G7X mark II on Amazon

I for one am really excited about this new camera, and think about buying one as soon as it gets out. What do you think? Do you think I still missed some upgrades? Share them in the comments below!

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